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Winter/Spring 2016 Classes

naturaldyesIntroduction to Natural Dyeing

Saturday, March 5

Cultivate 2016 — South Carolina Organization for Organic Living (SCOOL)

Greenville Tech’s NW Campus, Greenville, SC

Dyeing fibers with natural plant dyes is a fun, safe, and ecologically sustainable way of obtaining beautiful colors for your textiles. This class introduces you to this ancient craft. We will talk about the materials and the tools of the trade, as well as the various ways of obtaining your dyes: harvesting them from the wild, growing them in your garden, picking them up at your grocery produce aisle, or ordering them online. We will then go over the process of extracting the dye, mordanting fibers, and dyeing. We conclude with a demo of dyeing some wool and silk with different kinds of plant-based dyes.

Click here to register for the event (ticket sales open on January 4, 2016)

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