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Hello again! Wow, I didn’t intend to go silent in this space for almost a month. The holidays, travel, family time, friends time, all three of us getting sick, working on my most challenging and exciting permaculture design project to date (more on that later), and now going back to work after almost eight months at home with my sweet babe… It’s been very full in a very good way (except the sickness). And now I’m happy to be at home, and healthy, and have the clean slate of January to start preparing the soil for growing new things in this year of 2015 — and, of course, I mean that both literally and figuratively.

Which brings me to this:


I’m proud to be a part of Cultivate, a new three-day event organized by the South Carolina Organization for Organic Living in Greenville next month. The first day (Saturday, February 28) will be the Organic Growing Conference, with classes on mushroom cultivation, permaculture, farm animals, foraging, fermenting, etc. Sunday is a day of cooking classes taught by the chefs from the Culinary Institute of the Carolinas, and Monday will see a networking event for the local food scene. I will be teaching a class and giving a demo on making plant-based dyes on Saturday, but hope to catch as much of the other classes and events as possible. Maybe I’ll see some of you there?

Early bird discounted tickets are for sale here.

Cultivate good things — now there’s a good start for a new year here at Gather & Grow. I look forward to sharing it all with you.

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