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Once upon a time, my meal planning looked like this: I’d decide what I wanted to cook, made a list of the ingredients, and went to the grocery store to buy them.

These days, it tends to look more like this: I look around in the kitchen — especially in the pantry — to see what we already have, and then plan a meal around that. Often, especially when it’s harvesting season in the garden, the trip to the grocery store can be skipped altogether.

I love cooking from the pantry. I love the sense of food security that rows of large glass jars, filled with staples such as whole grains and beans, can bring. I love being able to reduce food packaging waste by buying in bulk, in bags we rotate, and to reduce plastics leaching into our foods by storing food in glass instead. I love the fact that this habit quite naturally makes us eat primarily whole as opposed to processed foods. And yes, I’m lazy enough to love not having to go to the grocery store multiple times a week to pick up a can of beans one day and a box of rice the next. Oh, and did I mention that we’re also saving money this way?pantry

Here are some of my favorite meals that have their basis in our pantry:

2 thoughts on “Cooking from the pantry

  1. danielablei says:

    This is great! For me the key to a well stocked pantry is the glass jars! Makes it easy to quickly see and access what I have and encourages me to buy in bulk 🙂

    1. Mari says:

      I know, it’s all about the glass jars for me as well.

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