gather and grow

Homegrown, hand-spun living in the city

Spending time in a village like Laporiya was an opportunity for me to pause, to notice, to get closer. People’s faces — inquisitive, radiant, shy. The thick wool on the sheeps’ bodies, to become quality woolen blankets one day. The madly joyous whistling of the birds. The warmth of the body of a cow whose milk I would drink the next morning. The shades of green shifting from the village square to the bird sanctuary to the millet field to the pasture. The smells and the flavors and the colors, and the time to take it all in. I can’t resist the urge to share some of my favorite shots from these days with you.

A woman at the well by Phool Sagar, one of the three village ponds

Laporiya's school boysLaporiya14

Rajasthani women

Lakshman Singh's niece making chapatis, with the granddaughter assisting

A baby cow resting

Goats will do anything to get some leaves to eat

Sheep grazing in the late afternoon sun


The sheepherd

Smoking a chillum

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