gather and grow

Homegrown, hand-spun living in the city

The greatest blessing of this summer of nomadic learning is, without doubt, the people we meet. In every place Dan and I have visited, we’ve encountered some truly inspiring people from all over the world with whom we’ve swapped stories and shared skills and information and meals and budding dreams of what is possible. We’ve had the kinds of conversations that make you feel like the course of your life may just have been altered just a little bit.

At Navdanya, we crossed paths and became friends with the folks behind the Enlivened Learning project — Kelly, Udi, and Marina. They are traveling around the world for a year mapping different initiatives for alternative kinds of higher education, asking the question: what is a university for? and what knowledges are important for us to creatively address the challenges we face today? They write about the various places they visit on their blog, and are also in the process of making a documentary film.

If you care about education that engages the learners’ passion, creativity, and imagination and nurtures their commitment to social and ecological issues, check out their blog  and please consider supporting their Indiegogo campaign to help them finish the film! They plan to make it open-source, and when it comes out (hopefully next year), it is bound to be truly thought-provoking and beautiful.

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