This month of fermentation projects comes to an end with some bubbles! Since I’m not a drinker, I haven’t ever experimented with the brew-your-own beer, mead, and wine side of homesteading. But I admit I’ve been secretly wanting to line up nice shiny bottles and put caps on them with a bottle capper — I’m a girl who likes her tools, you see, and there’s something so satisfying about that snap sound of a sealed bottle.

With ginger beer, I’ve found the perfect project to do just that. Ginger ale is the one and only soft drink both Dan and I like to drink and regularly have in our fridge. I, in particular, like the kind that has a real ginger-y kick to it. Now, with homemade ginger beer, I’ll be able to make exactly the strength I like.gingerbeerMaking ginger beer is one of the easier fermentation projects out there. All you really need is ginger, sugar, lemon, water — and time (2 weeks or longer). Simply follow the instructions in Sandor Katz’s Wild Fermentation or, if you prefer visuals, take a look at this video by Stacy. In addition, though, I also highly recommend reading carefully what Katz says about bottling fermented drinks in his Art of Fermentation. With carbonation, pressure does build up in the bottles, so if you are using glass bottles you’ll want to be safe and minimize the possibility of a bottle explosion. I followed his advice and ended up with a safe, bubbly, tasty drink a few weeks later. Highly, highly recommended.gingerbeer3gingerbeer4gingerbeer2